Efficient Petrochemical Processes

Technology Designed Operation




Author: Zhu, Frank (Xin X.)

Publisher: :New York: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2020.

Collation: 405 P

Dewey No: : 661.816 Zh



1. Aromatic compounds.

2. Extraction (Chemistry).

3. Petroleum products.


Table of content



Efficient Petrochemical Processes: Technology, Design and Operation is a guide to the tools and methods for energy optimization and process design. Written by a panel of experts on the topic, the book highlights the application of these methods on petrochemical technology such as the aromatics process unit. The authors describe practical approaches and tools that focus on improving industrial energy efficiency, reducing capital investment, and optimizing yields through better design, operation, and optimization.

The text is divided into sections that cover the range of essential topics: petrochemical technology description; process design considerations; reaction and separation design; process integration; process system optimization; types of revamps; equipment assessment; common operating issues; and troubleshooting case analysis

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